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The Great Dane Booklet – you Danish Dogges! – The subtitle being a Shakespearian quote from Hamlet is an English language booklet that has the following contents:

  • The Great Dane Club of Denmark (history)
  • History of the Great Dane (breed)
  • The early standards
  • “Ye shall know them by their name” (how the breed was known through the ages in different countries & languages)
  • The royal Danish stud book, 1710-1736
  • The visual journey through the ages (many rare and previously unpublished images)
  • The German issue (the country-of-origin controversy of the breed as it actual was, dispensing with the many myths and misconceptions prevailing)

The booklet documents its storytelling with several appendices containing previously unpublished historical documents about the country-of-origin dispute.

The Booklet was presented at a Half Day Event arranged by the Great Dane Club of Denmark 31st March 2018 with the participation of the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon specialty clubs.

It was at the same Half Day Event that the decision was made to establish The Great Dane Alliance as an international fellowship of countries under the leadership of the Great Dane Club of Denmark. The worldwide alliance has tasked itself to preserve the Great Dane’s breeding for future generations in accordance with its historic working function and historic standards.

The author of the booklet is Flemming Rickfors. It has 104 pages, is written in English and is printed in A4 format by TeroSvejs Aps.

The booklet retails for US$30 (about €25) + standard postage.

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